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Candle Care and Tips

Candle Care and Tips

When you first burn your candle Follow a few simple rules to enhance the life of your candle Always follow guidelines and safety tips for maximum performance.


The first time you light a pillar candle, burn it one hour for every inch of its diameter, this will allow the pool of wax to extend to the outside rim and prevent you candle from forming a canyon in its centre this will set your candles memory and each time you relight your candle it will remember to burn out to the rim.

Keep the wick trimmed to ¼ of an inch each time you light your candle, This is absolutely essential for a clean smoke free burn.

If your candle is smoking despite trimming the wick and checking for debris in the melt pool, extinguish the candle immediately, trim the wick again, and allow the cooling before relighting.

Quality candles will smoke less, but remember that scented candles will smoke more.

Candles need to breathe, If you burn a candle in a small room, it is likely to smoke.

Blowing out a candle will spray wax everywhere, if you don’t have a snuffer, place your forefinger in front of the flame before you blow, the air will then hit the flame from the sides instead of hitting it directly.

If your candle has burnt unevenly due to a draft, carefully push the wick to the high side of the candle and burn, repeat this a few times and the candle will repair itself, if this causes dripping, extinguish, cool and relight , repeat until repaired.

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